Why is your holiday only with us?

Why is your holiday only with us? 

The owner and travel consultant, Mr. Pasang Sherpa, is an adventurous traveler himself (having traveled to more than 28 countries in the world) and knows the value of money and time in the modern busy lives of people in the world. He has noted customer satisfaction, what we should expect, and what makes a trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience in his world travel plans... Here are some important points to consider when organizing trekking, tours, or expeditions for your valued guests or clients.

15 reasons to book your holiday with us    

Read below for the 15 most important reasons why you should join us for your holiday in Nepal, Tibet, or Bhutan.

Our holiday and the money spent on our holiday are both equally important to all of us. So, we need to book the right holiday to value our money. That’s what we always love to do.

We guarantee the best value on all treks, tours, climbing expeditions, or any adventure tours we operate. We understand the value of your money and the importance of your holiday in the modern 21st century. All our treks, tours, climbing and adventure tours are very professionally designed to provide you with the full enjoyment of the best value itinerary for comfort, quality and a genuine holiday once in a lifetime.

Whenever we travel away from home, we always seek safety. Our holiday needs to be fully safe. It should be safe from illness or danger. In terms of our valued clients' safety, all of our itineraries are meticulously planned to avoid unnecessary altitude sickness and other mountain incidents. Our guide and porter will take care of every small detail of arranging hygienic meals, treating drinking water, avoiding mountain sickness and safely guiding you to your dream destination. The safety of our clients is our prime concern, and we are always committed to your safe holiday with us.

When you just send an inquiry or book a trip with us, you are our most valuable client. Clients are like god for us. Customer care and the quickest response to our customers' inquiries is our duty, and making them satisfied is our happiness. Business is not about earning a profit; it is about making customers happy through care and support. Whenever you need our support for information or in an urgent situation, we are there for support. We are always happy to share our best information and best service to make your holiday the best one. From the trip planning to the trip itself, from the final departure from Nepal to home, it is our duty to make our guests (clients) fully satisfied with the highest quality trekking and travel services.


All the treks, tours, and climbing holidays or adventure tours we operate in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, or Bhutan have well designed itineraries for best value of money, time, and satisfaction. All of our trips provide extremely well-crafted itineraries and customized packages that provide you with complete satisfaction from the safety, value for money, and important time of your vacation. We also believe that sometimes a set itinerary may not work for various reasons in the high mountain region, so we are very flexible to make any changes when necessary.


Once you are booked, the trip is guaranteed to depart. Even if the number of hikers or travelers is lower than we operate, trip runs continue on our fixed departure dates. Normally, we require a minimum of two people to run our fixed tours, treks, or expeditions, but if the group is forced to postpone the date and there is only one person left for that guaranteed departure date, we will organize that trip for just one person.

We value the easy and quick way of booking the system. We don’t want our clients to feel the booking is more complicated. So, booking any trip with us is so easy and quick. All we need to confirm your booking is 25 % of payment, a passport copy, and the date of travel. That’s all we need. You can easily pay online within 10 minutes using major international credit or debit cards. We use a highly secure online payment gateway to book any trips. The second option is that you can wire transfer the booking payment of 25 % or any other internet money transfer system such as Western Union money transfers etc.


We run all fixed departure tours, treks, and expeditions in small groups of a maximum of 15 people. We always encourage solo travelers or private groups, or couples or families. We also organize trips for solo travelers if they don’t prefer to travel in a group. So, we can organize a private trip for 1 person or a private group of any size, let's say 100 people, or as per group demand for private trips.

Meeting locals and being guided by them is the best tour, trek, or climbing experience. So, when you book a trip with us, we provide professional, expert local guides for that area. For example, you will be guided by our expert local Sherpa guides on all Everest treks or climbing trips. We have more than 15 years of expert local guides, climbing sherpas, and porters. Besides that, we also give jobs to more ethnic low-income people living in the mountain region. We would like to give back to society and support local people to uplift their living standards by creating job opportunities. Our porters, guides are indigenous people of the Himalaya and they are here to support your holiday through the local sherpa company. Our guides, porters, and climbing guides are honest, trustworthy, helpful, and hard-working. Their only job is to make your holiday as fruitful as possible and an unforgettable one.

What type of holiday or places you would like to visit or want to see are your choices. It is not necessary to follow our set itinerary. We always respect your preferences and interests. So, considering your interests, time and budget, we will assist you in creating a customized itinerary. We are local experts on all the tours and treks we operate, and we have participated in all of the treks, tours, and climbing we organize, so we can design a trip package that meets your budget, preferences, and timeframe.

We are all human beings in the world. We always want to be paid well enough and need a high level of job security. We always pay very satisfactory wages and facilities to our guides, porters, and staff. They are the backbone of our quality service. Without them, we can’t serve you the highest quality service, so it’s our responsibility to pay our staff well and make them happy to serve others to make others happy.

Our clients are our God. Making our clients happy is our duty, and making them satisfied is our pleasure! Each and every client is a valuable guest for us. We know every holiday should be valuable, worthy, and of the highest quality in service and flexibility in emergency. All our trip packages include the best deluxe or luxury hotels or lodges, comfortable private transportation, years of experience as local guides and supporters, the highest quality of meals, including safety and security of trips we operate. We don’t compromise on quality. The best quality travel packages that we serve make our clients fully satisfied. We guarantee the highest level of quality on all of our trips.

Clients’ safety is our paramount concern. We always worry about our clients' well-being when they travel with us. Whenever it comes to an emergency, we immediately find safety and security for our valuable clients. For example, if our client suffers from altitude sickness and requires emergency evacuation, we immediately coordinate with the relevant travel insurance provider and arrange for the necessary emergency evacuation. It is not our business, it is our responsibility. It’s our service to our clients.

Once you make a deposit to book with us for the trip you have selected, it can be used for a lifetime. It is our best policy for our clients. Due to any unforeseen situations, you may need to postpone the trip. Your deposit is safe with us. You can change the date to the next available new date. You can also use that deposit for another trip. For example, if you book an Everest trek but later decide to do an Annapurna trek, the same deposit can be used to change the trek. You can also transfer your deposit to another traveler. For example, if you can’t do the trip you booked anymore due to some very unlucky situation, you can transfer that deposit to another traveler, like your friends or relatives. You can postpone or transfer your deposit at least 35 days in advance of when the trip starts. You can’t transfer the deposit to another travel partner for the same trip. For example, if two people book a trip with a deposit, and one can’t do the trip, you can recommend another traveler to join in your place to use the deposit you have paid.

Ethical business practices are giving back to society. Taking care of poor porters' children’s education, providing medical support to the poorest people, distributing relief foods to needy street people, helping needy people in natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides, and unexpected diseases like COVID-19. Through our charity foundation, we are giving something back to society. Actually, we separate 5% of our treks' profit as a donation to the charity organization with which we are involved. You may also be part of a social charity foundation to donate anything you can. Read more details about our charity foundation.

We are our best priority for responsible tourism. We always practice "no mineral water in trek". We also encourage our trekkers and climbers to purify drinking water or just buy boiled water. When they don’t buy bottled mineral water, they save 3–4 plastic bottles per day for waste in the mountains. Our guides/porters are fully responsible for any trace or plastic to save the environment. They collect all the traces they see along the trails. We give jobs to poor local porters from the same region to support their living standards financially. We use the best local tea houses for all our trips, where they give jobs to local people. At every place on the trek, our clients visit local temples or monasteries, and we encourage them to donate any amount to support the culture, religion, and tradition of the local belief. We strongly recommend "NO TRACE in the mountains" so that when they come back to the city, they bring their garbage or other traces back to the city for disposal.