Experience the Deluxe in the Himalayas......


Experience the Deluxe in the Himalayas......

There are more than a thousand trekking or travel companies in Nepal and abroad. It might be a hard decision for you to choose the best one. How we are different among the rest of the companies and why you may like our trip packages Here are a few things to think about before booking one of our trips.

10 reasons we called our all treks and tours are DELUXE and different in service than all other companies in Nepal.

1.There is no room for compromise when it comes to providing the best service possible.

2.The best deluxe lodges and best available lodges on the trek (we choose the best for sanitary meals, comfortable beds, and attached bathroom facilities)

3. You can select your choice of meals and unlimited meals.

4. There is no limit to drinks such as tea or coffee.

5. Showers or buckets of hot water are provided without extra cost.

6. Most needed trekking gear, such as porter duffel bags, down jackets, sleeping bags, trekking poles, and water bottles, is included.

7. Warm your legs/feet inside a sleeping bag or blanket with a free hot water bag while sleeping.

8. Seasonal fruits on the trek

9. First Aid box with thermometer, oxygen pulse, etc.

10. Flexible walking timetable: rest day/relax day