Nepal Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for Nepal

Travel insurance is an important thing we have to consider wisely before we commence our trip in the Himalayas. All of our trekking and climbing itineraries are meticulously planned with all major safety concerns in mind, particularly altitude sickness on high mountain trails.However, you are highly recommended to buy mandatory travel insurance for all treks and expeditions listed on our website. You need travel insurance that covers costs in below-uncertain circumstances.

Why do you need travel insurance?

  • unanticipated expense due to flight delays or cancellation
  • Costs that were not anticipated due to illness while traveling
  • Unforeseen costs as a result of an unexpected accident or illness caused by food, high altitude, or climate change
  • emergency medical evacuation or medical facilities due to altitude sickness, natural accidents such as landslides
  • floods during travel.

It is your choice to buy travel insurance or not for easy cultural or city tours in Nepal, but all the trekking and climbing trips require proper travel insurance that should cover all the expenses in the case of an emergency. As a professional company in Nepal, we follow all the safety guidelines, lines, or techniques to make your trip fully safe and comfortable. It does not apply to all trekkers or climbers. Altitude sickness is a challenging part of the journey in the Himalayas that sometimes we can't control. For us, safety and sound health are the most important parts of holidays. We want our valuable clients to return home fully safe and fit from all the treks, tours, and expeditions we operate.

List of reccommended travel Insurance

Here is a list of some of the best travel insurance companies used by our previous clients.

1. Europe Assistance

2. Travel guard

3. World Nomads

4. AIG travel insurance

5. Global Resque

We are also connected with local insurance companies in Nepal where you can purchase your travel insurance. Before buying your insurance, you are advised to make sure that it covers necessary medical assistance, including emergency helicoptor evacuation from the mountains to Kathmandu city for emergency treatment. It is also better to buy insurance that covers the cost of extra expenses due to flight delays, canceled or trip cancellation due to sickness.