Top 7 Luxury treks in Nepal

Top 7 Luxury treks in Nepal

Nepal Trekking Tours offers varieties of trekking packages in all over Nepal. Out of Many treks in Nepal, Luxury trekking packages in Nepal are the best choices for those looking for a premier and outstanding trekking itinerary that offers the highest level of comfort. not all trekking regions have the luxury option but some of the most popular trekking region of Nepal such as Everest and Annapurna regions has choices of comfortable lodges and luxury trekking is only available in this two primary trekking region of Nepal.

what are luxury treks in Nepal?
Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries for trekking enthusiasts which offers more than 150 different trekking packages. among the many trekking packages in Nepal, luxury treks are the best trekking packages that provide the highest quality accommodation in the mountains as well as in Kathmandu city. compare to other standard treks, this type of trekking routes has highest comfortable lodges or guest houses and the best 5-star hotel in the city. Besides the best lodge and hotel accommodations, all luxury treks offer excellent choices of hygienic foods to experience the best taste of Nepalese cuisine during the trek.

List of top 7 Luxury treks in Nepal:
here are some of the best luxury trekking packages in Everest and Annapurna trekking region of Nepal.
1. Luxury Everest base camp trek- 15 days
2. Luxury Annapurna base camp trek-16 days
3. Luxury Everest base camp trek with Helicopter return- 12 days
4. Luxury Annapurna base camp trek with Helicopter return- 11 days
5. Luxury Annapurna Experience trek- 9 days
6. Luxury Annapurna Circuit trek- 17 days
7. Luxury Everest experience trek- 7 days

Benefits of booking Luxury treks in Nepal and why luxury treks in Nepal are highly recommended?

if you are a trekker searching for the most comfortable way of enjoying trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, trekking in luxury style is a great option to book. luxury trekking packages include a suite bathroom with a heater in the mountains. The best-selected comfortable lodges room with hot showers and hygienic cuisines makes the trekking experience one of the best in mountains. Besides, comfortable transportation and excellent guided service make the luxury trekking option more valuable and highly recommended.

The benefits of booking Luxury trekking in Nepal are:

1. Experience the best higher category deluxe lodges during the trek in regions of Everest and Annapurna

2. Lodges with attached bathroom including running hot shower, Top class luxury lodges during the trek

 3. Top class best 5-star hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara city

4. Self-selection of best hygienic foods along the trekking trails

5. Helicopters services after completion of trekking to base camps of Everest and Annapurna


If you are looking for experiencing the some of the well designed luxury trekking packages in Nepal, here is link to find choices of top 7 Luxury treks in Nepal.