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Paragliding in Nepal

Imagine - standing on top of an Annapurna range including beautiful Mt. Fishtail, overlooking the Pokhara valley, wondering what it would be like to FLY.
Well, get ready to fulfill man's oldest dream of free flying.
Now you can experience the joy of personal, foot-launched flight in its purest form - on a paraglider

Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seeking. A trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalaya.
Gliding is a weather dependent sport and the flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best months being November and December.

The take-off point for these flights is Sarangkot (1592m), which also offers prime views of Phewa Lake and the mountains at sunrise and sunset (provided the skies and clear) and the landing is by the lake. No previous experience is required as qualified pilots provide a short briefing before launching.

paragliding-in-nepalWhat is Paragliding?

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing.

About Paragliding in Nepal?

Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seeking. Nepal Paragliding gives an opportunity for aerial view of the Himalayas. Pokhara, the beautiful lakeside town at the foot of the Annapurna Mountains offers paragliding to see the Mahabharat range. As other flying sports gliding season in Nepal is November through February, the paragliding veterans and novices. Three- day introductory course is offered to beginners while tandem flights where one can fly with instructor are offered for those not so experienced.

For More info about paragliding Program in Nepal, Please Make an inquiry to us.