Bhutan Travel Information

Tourist can travel to Bhutan in easy way by following 3 steps below with our Agency:

  • Find your suitable itinerary from this website and write us e-mail or call us with your Timeframe of Holiday including Arrival & Departure dates, Number of travelers, country Name from where you will enter into Bhutan. It is recommended to plan your trip at least 3 months in advance to avoid over booking of Druk Air flights and hotels in Bhutan in peak season. It is good news that Buddha Air from Nepal also has 4 flights in Paro/Kathmandu from 23rd August, 2010. So travelers who wish to travel Bhutan from Nepal side, flight seats are quite easy to book.
  • Once we have received an inquiry from you, we will check necessary requirements and will send you details of tour & flights available, booking and payment options.
  • Book your tour instantly and make confirmation of once in a lifetime Experience trip in Bhutan

As we are registered and professional travel agency for Bhutan trip, we will take care of everything for your wonderful travel holiday in Bhutan. Let handle your trip by Expert travel organizer in Bhutan.

Travel by Air

Today, Bhutan’s national air carrier, Druk Air, operates several flights per week from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata and Kathmandu to Paro. The modern Airbus A-319 jets carry passengers through one of the most spectacular flight paths in the world. A particular highlight is the stretch between Kathmandu und Bhutan, where one passes 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world. Weather permitting; passengers will be treated to intimate views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu und Kangchenjunga. Landing in the Paro Valley, surrounded by 4000 meter high mountains stretching across the west of Bhutan, means a visual landing is the order of the day.

We will book your Druk Air reservation in and out of Bhutan as a compliment to our tour services without the added commission that outside travel agents charge. To do this we book in advance as soon as you confirm your Trip so we can avoid the peak season rush of the spring and autumn festivals. It is always advised to book Bhutan tour, trekking at least 3 months or before in advance to get flight tickets on DRUK air flight. There are daily flights from Bangkok to paro, however no daily flights between Kathmandu to Paro or Delhi to Paro or from Calcutta to Paro.Make sure your Name in ticket is EXACTLY the same as it is on your passport or you won't fly. Druk Air is very sticky about that. Your passport also necessary to have at least 6 months valid.

As per the rules of Druk Air, we can't hold your flights booking more than 48 hrs in High season (unless you have booked at least 3 months or advance). As Druk Air is only one International flight to Bhutan, their system of flight tickets is Book & Buy.

From 23rd August, 2010, Buddha Air also launched 4 flights in a week from Kathmandu to paro. The scheduled flights are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Buddha Air is planning daily flights in future to facilate passengers who wish to travel Bhutan from Nepal.

Travel by Land

The alternative of coming in to Bhutan by road is now allowed to tourists wanting to combine their visit to Bhutan with other places in India such as Sikkim & Darjeeling. Entering and departing Bhutan by surface road through the border town of Phuentsoling is the only official point of entry other than flying. Now travelers are also allowed to fly into Bhutan and exit by road through Phuentsoling, or vice versa.

The town of Phuntsholing in south-western Bhutan is currently the only land border access open for international tourists. Phuntsholing lies approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport Bagdogra, nearby historic Darjeeling. From here begins a mountain journey of almost unbelievable beauty. The road leads from the northern Indian tea plantations through endless turns, hair-pin bends and daring stretches carved into the mountain rock via Chhuka to Thimphu. The travel time for the 175 km stretch can be more than 7 hours.

A combination of overland and air travel is also possible. All overland travel requires an Indian visa.

Passports & Visa

For Bhutan Travel your passport should have at least 6 months of Validity from arrival date into Bhutan. Once your tour and flights to Bhutan is booked and confirmed with payments, we will proceed your Bhutan Visa. You do not need to worry about Bhutan visa, our Agency take care of it. Recently you also can apply online visa.

Booking & Payment:

As per the Tourism rules of Bhutan, it is mandatory to make full payment before you apply for Visa. Once full payment of Tour is received, TCB (tourism council of Bhutan), they will process for Bhutan visa for your tour. However with our company, you could pay half payment at time of booking and half payment 2 weeks before your flight to Bhutan.

It is also mandatory that you have to pay all tour payment by Bank Wire Transfer, you can't pay from your credit card as per TCB( tourism Council of Bhutan), but our agency can accept your credit card payment( Visa/ Master card) too. if you book tour with us, our company offer such facilities of Credit card payment and also Advance booking payment which is about 50% only.

Traveling within Bhutan

With the exception of the Gasa district, all major towns in the 20 districts of Bhutan are accessible by road. Despite high mountains, steep slopes, and the deepest of valleys Bhutan has a relatively well developed network of roads. That said, rarely will one find a length of either straight or flat road. In some stretches one can encounter 6 to 7 bends per kilometer! Steep ascents and descents are characteristic of road travel in Bhutan and this can make travel much slower than one may be used to. Average speeds for road travel rarely exceed 30 km/h, with tourist buses making even slower progress. One is however handsomely rewarded for the long and sometimes tiring car journey, by the spectacular views of towering mountains, lush green jungle, ancient villages and majestic monasteries.

The majority of roads is sealed but can still be bumpy and is almost always single lane. Bhutan’s drivers know their land well and are cautious and careful drivers. The density of traffic is normally very low.

Distances and Travel Times within Bhutan

From/To Distance Travel Time
Thimphu – Paro 65 km 1 hr 30 min
Thimphu – Phuntsholing 176 km 6 hrs
Phuntsholing – Bagdogra (India) 170 km 4 hrs
Thimphu – Ha 115 km 3 hrs 30 min
Ha– Paro 60 km 2 hrs 30 min
Thimphu – Wangdue Phodrang 70 km 2 hrs
Thimphu – Punakha 77 km 2 hrs 15 min
Punakha – Wangdue Phodrang 21 km 30 min
Wangdue Phodrang – Trongsa 129 km 4 hrs
Trongsa – Bumthang 68 km 2 hrs 30 min
Bumthang – Mongar 129 km 4 hrs
Mongar – Trashigang 90 km 3 hrs
Trashigang – Trashi Yangtse 55 km 2 hrs

What to Bring

What you pack depends on the time of year and the nature of your trip. Remember, even in the summer it can be cool at night. It is best to dress modestly; no tank tops or short shorts or skirts. Local people dress-up for festivals and visitors should look there best too.

If you have anything that runs on electricity, you will find that the Bhutanese current is 220/240. You will need an international converter kit and plug adapters.

Most Everyone Will Need Trekkers Will Also Need

Two or three pairs of pants Sunglasses Hiking boots & socks
A long skirt for women Flashlight & batteries Sleeping bag
Sweater &/or fleece Toiletries Duffel bag for gear
Down jacket, hat, gloves (winter) Sunscreen Altitude sickness medication
Light weight jacket (summer) Alarm clock Moleskin
Raincoat or poncho Day pack Pocketknife, sissors
Short-sleeved shirts Personal medications  
Long-sleeved shirts Small first aid kit  
Walking shoes Sewing kit  
Sandals Insect repellent  
Socks Reading, writing materials  
Night wear Camera, film, batteries  
Underwear Umbrella  

Time Zone

Bhutan is six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, thirty minutes ahead of India, fifteen minutes ahead of Nepal and one hour behind Thailand. In the winter Bhutan is eleven hours ahead of New York City and in the summer, during Daylight Savings Time, ten hours ahead.

Bhutan Photography

Bring plenty of film and camera batteries as what you need may not be available in Bhutan. It is polite to ask people if you may take their picture. Ask your guide when it is permissible to take pictures in religious and public buildings.

Tipping and Gifts

Bhutanese people are proud that there are no beggars in Bhutan. Please do not hand out candy or trinkets to children. Small gifts to people you stay with and tips for your guide and other support people are appropriate.

Health and Safety

Anyone who enjoys outdoor life and is reasonably fit can enjoy our tours, however, many of the treks require good to excellent physical fitness. We will do our best to match your abilities with the rigor of the trip.

The government of Bhutan has no requirements for vaccinations prior to entering the country. We advise you to check with your doctor or a specialty travel health clinic. If you will be trekking a high altitudes, it is useful to bring a drug for altitude sickness. For all trips, it doesn’t hurt to have an antibiotic.

Your guide will be trained in emergency medicine and Bhutan does have hospitals and many clinics scattered throughout the country.

Bhutan has very little crime and is quite safe for single women travelers.

Customs Regulations

The Bhutanese government prohibits the export of any antiques, plants or animal products. Personal electronics such as camera, computers and telephones may be brought into the country, but must be declared upon arrival and will be checked upon departure. If you leave any of these items behind, you will pay duty on them. Two liters of alcohol and 400 cigarettes may be brought into the country without paying duty.